Simultaneous Interpretation

Additional Info:

Advantage provides the entire Audio Visual hardware and software set up to support and deliver the service. Fundamentally the Sound Booths that we typically provide are established in large conference settings where the event presenters use microphones. The sound booth provides isolation for simultaneous interpreters, thereby eliminating any audible distraction for the presenters or conference speakers. A console located in the booth is used by the interpreters that transmit the audio signal to portable receivers, utilized by the attendees. An Advantage AV technician is always on site from start to finish to monitor the performance of the equipment mitigating interruptions and possible down time during a critical moment in the presentation.

  • Manage the logistics of interpretation equipment
  • Providing all equipment to include but not limited to interpreter’s booths receivers speakers microphones
  • Ensure a highly trained AV Technician is available for the entire event.
  • Ensure the timely dismantle, removal and clearing of the event area