Live Audience Response

Additional Info:

We establish the presenter with a computer and a video projector to provide the audience with a live visual presentation and the ability to respond interactively. In the most common use of such audience response systems, presentation slides are built with the audience response software displaying questions with several possible answers, more commonly referred to as multiple choice questions. The audience participates by selecting the answer they believe to be correct and select the corresponding key on their individual keypad. Their answer is then sent to a base station – or receiver – that is also attached to the presenter’s computer. The audience response software collects the results, and the aggregate is graphically displayed within the presentation for all to see. Some clickers can also be provided with additional keys, allowing the presenter to ask (and audience members to answer) True/False questions or even questions calling for particular numerical answers.

  • Improves Attentiveness
  • Increased Knowledge Retention
  • Poll Anonymously
  • Track Individual Responses
  • Display Polling Responses Immediately
  • Create an Interactive and Fun Learning Environment
  • Gather Data for Reporting and Analysis
  • Confirm Audience Understanding of Key Points